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Positive Perspectives for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Future of Poland, as appears in a report of Extenda-Andalusian Trade Promotion Agency in which the current situation of both the olive oil and table olives sector are studied on the Polish market as well as its evolution in recent years, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, supported by expert opinions in marketing (importers and distributors).

Thus, in recent years both products have experienced an evolution marked by a huge increase in consumption between 2007 and 2010, with a slight decrease until 2012 in table olives and a slight increase until 2013. However, some prospects are quite positive, especially for olive oil and, specifically, for extra virgin olive oil.

Among the trends observed in the Polish market in the last five years, the study highlights the growth of olive oil by more than 80% since 2009. In addition, between 2009-2013 Polish imports of Spanish virgin olive oil rose 145%, while Andalusian exports to this market in this category and for this period only increased by 43%.

Regarding volume of olive oil imports, Italy holds the first position followed by Spain, Germany and Greece, according to the type of oil. Hence in quality oils, differences in imports are not as high as might occur with olive pomace, where there is a clear predominance of Italian product.

Meanwhile, Spain is the leading provider of table olives in Poland, accounting for over 90% in 2013.

Consumption of olive oil and table olives

According to this statement, consumption of both products is still very low when compared with other European countries. Specifically, the olive oil share in the Polish market over other oils and fats is only 15%, however, gradually consumption is spreading and is competing with other vegetable oils.

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