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Community Milling days are open to the public – no need to bring olives to join in the fun!
Dry Creek Olive Company’s Community Milling days are the ideal way for the small grower to produce oil from their trees and celebrate the harvest! Come enjoy the “fruit” of your labors with friends and neighbors.

The “field blending” created by combining neighbors’ olives produces amazing oils! DCOO found that some of the most flavorful oils have been produced at Community Milling day

This is how it works: Olives delivered by customers on these days are combined and milled together into oil. The percentage of the total weight you contribute is directly proportional to the percentage of oil you receive once the olives are milled.

All olives delivered are inspected, and are to be free of olive fly, rot, fungus or excessive bruising damage. Ideal storage containers include: plastic 5 gallon buckets, clean trash cans and macro-bins. Please do not store your olives in plastic garbage bags as they tend to rot more readily. To help ensure the quality of your olives, we recommend picking them within 24 hrs of bringing them to the mill and storing them in a cool, well-ventilated place.

Your oil will be ready for pickup at our Tasting Room one week following Community Milling Day. Plastic, food-grade containers are supplied at a nominal price. DCOO will only accept clean and dry, well-marked, food-grade plastic containers for oil collection.

Olives are collected from 9:00am to 2:00pm. The earlier the better, DCOO will not accept olives after 2 p.m. They accept amounts from 5 lbs to 800 lbs at a rate of $0.80/lb. There are no additional waste removal fees for Community Milling – ‘the pomace is on us’!

All community milling customers, club members patrons of Dry Creek Olive Oil tasting room are welcome to join in on these days (with or without olives) and celebrate the harvest.

Information on milling rates and scheduling: Contact DCOO at 707-431-7200, ext 5. or email at

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