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2013 The 3rd Chinese Culture Year of Spanish Olive Oil
Theme: Promoting Spanish Olive Oil Brands and the industry development

Time: October 29-31, 2013
Venue: Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Conference Room
Organizers: Chinese Cereals and Oils Association
​​Chinese Cereals and Oils Association Oil&Fat Sub-council
Undertaker: Yonghong International Exhibition Company (Beijing)
Co-organizer: the Commerce Department of the Spanish Embassy in China

​Spanish companies have always claimed a high market share in Chinese olive oil market for the popularity of their products in Chinese consumers, 68% of which regard Spain as the most famous producing country of olive oil. Due to the great potential in Chinese olive oil market, an increase number of olive oil producers from different countries have been competing to gain a larger market share in China and Spanish olive companies always prevail in the competition. For example, Spanish Olivabella company’s brand popularity in Beijing has reached over 70%. Other Spanish olive oil brand like Arbolon, PInlive and Ybarra are also very popular.

According to the analysis of the Chinese olive oil market, the 3rd Chinese Culture Year of Spanish Olive Oil intends to introduce more quality Spanish olive oil brands to Chinese consumers, giving Chinese distributors a better understanding of Spanish olive oil brands, and providing a consultation platform for olive oil purchasers, supermarkets and other business organizations or individuals.

​The opening speech will be given by related honored guests analyzing Chinese olive oil market and Spanish brands’ development in Chinese market. In the key section, various Spanish olive oil brands will introduce their brand culture to visitors and invite them to taste their products. In spot consultation time, visitors will have a chance to ask any related questions which will be answered in detail by our guests and representatives of Spanish olive oil brands.

​Chinese Culture Year of Spanish Olive Oil have been successfully hold for three successive years. Young as it is, it has effectively promoted the development of Spanish olive oil brands in Chinese market. We believe The 3rd Chinese Culture Year of Spanish Olive Oil will be a great success and will be well received with the driving force of IEOE International Edible Oil Industry Expo, the support from Western and Chinese oil organizations and the participation of a multitude of Spanish olive oil companies , dealers, merchants and agents. Wish this activity would be the most influential olive oil business activity this year.

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