Chilean olive oil showcased at SIAL agri-food fair in Montreal (April 2-4, 2014)

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Chilean products highlighted as an attractive alternative for Canadians. In 2013, Chilean agricultural exports to Canada totalled USD203 million, a 14% increase over 2012.

Two Chilean companies, one producing olive oil and the other giant squid, were responsible for representing the South American country in this year’s edition of the SIAL agri-food fair in Montreal (April 2-4). Chile’s candidature won Canadians over with its products, which are renowned for their excellent quality and high food safety standards.

The Canadian market promises to be an interesting destination for Chilean exports due to both its size and the purchasing power of its inhabitants. The Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA) effective July 5, 1997, marked a milestone in the history of trade liberalization for Chile as its first treaty with a developed country and the first comprehensive agreement to cover areas of concern beyond goods and services.

“The Canadian consumer can be characterized by a marked interest in healthy living and as favouring natural, organic products that are in line with respect for the environment and fair trade. There is great opportunity for Chilean products in such a context, since they meet high quality standards, making them attractive alternatives for Canadians,” states Oscar Arriagada, Trade and Investment Representative for Chile in Montreal.

Chile’s high food quality standards were also endorsed by the recently released 2013 Global Food Security Index (developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit), which ranked the country as a Latin American leader. Over the last year, total food exports from Chile to the world reached USD15.234 million. In Canada alone, exports of agricultural products hit the USD203 million mark, an increase of 14% over 2012 figures when shipments climbed to USD179 million. Wine and seafood product exports boasted USD92 million and USD57 million in revenues, respectively.

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