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20131110-123723.jpg Erin Scala mixes the TranQuiLo at the Musket Room, a restaurant featuring New Zealand cuisine on Elizabeth St. Olive Oil, at Atrium (15 Main St., Brooklyn, In a twist on the Dirty Martini, Atrium’s beverage director, Alexander LaPratt, infuses vodka with olive oil for about five hours, before putting it in the freezer for a few hours and straining the olive oil out after it’s hardened. The vodka remains clear, but has taken on the subtle flavors of the oil. He then finishes the drink, served at this sleek DUMBO restaurant, with a bit of dry sherry and a pinch of sea salt. The drink has a Provençal flavor profile, which fits in with Atrium’s southern French cuisine, LaPratt says. “It’s a Dirty Martini, but using products you wouldn’t normally think of,” LaPratt says of the drink simply called Olive Oil ($13). “The sherry gives it a longer finish, and it’s got subtler flavors than a normal martini. It’s more elegant.” TranQuiLo, at Musket Room (265 Elizabeth St., At this cozy Nolita restaurant which focuses on cuisine from New Zealand, sommelier Erin Scala uses a molecular gastronomy trick to create the TranQuiLo. She combines maltodextrin, a form of unsweet sugar, to create a powder out of olive oil sourced from New Zealand, which she uses to rim a cocktail glass before adding in a mixture of Qui Tequila, an apple shrub (a syrup made out of Crispin apples, vinegar and sugar), agave syrup and fresh grapefruit juice. “The powder liquefies when you drink it and coats the tongue,” Scala explains. “You get the same olive oil flavor, but it is a different way to taste it.” And while the Qui Tequila, an aged tequila that’s been filtered to make it clear, is mellow, Scala says the olive oil adds another layer of smoothness to the cocktail ($14). “The combination works really well together,” she says.

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