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Competitions Under Scrutiny

There is an increasing number of local, regional and international competitions for awarding medals extra virgin olive oils. The competitions have a range of rules for entry, from those that require minimal compliance testing to those that exercise control of the entries from sampling to distribution. For the consumer there is a confusing barrage of claims of award winning oils supported by a cluster of medal ‘decals’ on the bottles.

There is little or no guarantee that the extra virgin olive oil in the bottle is the same as the one that won the award claimed by the sticker on the bottle.

‘World’s Best Olive Oils’ (WBO) is a German-based organisation which analyses the world’s olive oil competitions and assigns the winners a score – eventually ranking the top oils each year.

In the rules for the 2013/2014 ranking state ‘Competitions which award more than 25 medals for each of their individual first, second and third places (i.e. Gild, Silver, Bronze or similar) will not be considered for our ranking’.

WBO also lists a number of criteria used to rank the integrity of competitions, using the International Olive Council Mario Solinas Award as a benchmark. Click here for to read the document (PDF)

We support the effort of WBO to highlight the competitions which objectively seek the best extra virgin olive oils and monitor their delivery to consumers.

GOOD App to be Made Available to Savantes Participants

The latest version of the Global Olive Oil Database (GOOD) application is available to participants in Savantes and suppliers of extra virgin olive oils for tasting at the programmes.

The app enables the recording of tasting notes, lists brands and provides information on producers, links to websites, location maps, distribution details and certification.

Savantes participants and suppliers interested in accessing the app should email

In due course the app will be made available to consumers in a simplified format and the industry will be able to access the full premium version.

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