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Los Angeles EVOO Awards Give Less Gold than New York

The New York International Olive Oil Competition results are launched with the glitz and glamour of a premiere of a Broadway musical. The results of the Los Angeles EVOO Awards are posted quietly on the internet.

That is not the only difference in style, of the 57 extra virgin olive oils entered in both shows, 51% received the same medal, 44% (42% in 2013) received a higher medal award at the New York Competition and only 5% received a higher medal at the LA Show.

The LA Show was less intense too, with 103 extra virgin olive oils being awarded gold medals, in sharp contrast to New York, 29% (NY 58%) were deemed robust, 53% (NY38%) medium and 18% (NY 4%) delicate.

LA attracted 561 entries, 90 less than the 651 at New York. Gold went to 20% in LA, silver to 20%, bronze to 14% and 46% did not receive an award.

For the record, the cost of entering the LA Competition is $100 per entry and the New York competition costs $200 per entry up to December 31 and $250 thereafter.

Obviously all that extra gold given out in New York is expensive!

Savantes Melbourne, Australia 16-18 July

The next International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes programme will be held in Melbourne at the Vibe Hotel, Carlton on 16-18 July 2014. The programme will feature some of the highest quality extra olive oils from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres as judged in various local and international competitions.

The programme also provides important information and updates on markets, quality systems, health benefits and culinary uses of extra virgin olive oil.

Scores recorded in the ‘Testing Your Skill as a Taster’ sessions will provide ranking for tasters using the GOOD app to record tasting notes.

For registration and programme go to

Savantes Toledo, Spain, 24-26 September

Registrations for the Savantes programme in Toledo are already flowing in. The event will be held at the historic Fontecruz Toledo Hotel in the heart of the ancient city. Participants will include producers of some of the world’s most award winning oils and leaders in the drive to lift the consumer perception of high quality extra virgin olive oils. For information and registration go to

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