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After eating an Andalusian breakfast, the table named “The role of cooperatives in the olive oil market,” will take place, moderated by the president of FOE and Asaja-Huelva, José Luis García-Palacios Alvarez. Participating speakers are the president of Interóleo Picual Jaen, Juan Gadeo Parra; president of Oleoestepa, Alfredo Garcia Raya; and President of Jaencoop, Cristóbal Gallego.

The third table in the morning will analyze the current situation of the table olives sector, with emphasis on marketing strategies and competition. President of Asemesa and CEO of Angel Camacho, Carlos Camacho and the CEO of Aceitunas Guadalquivir, Francisco Escalante will participate as well.

In the afternoon, after a relaxing lunch that will help participants’ networking, will take place the last table of the seminar entitled “Olive oil as a universal benefit.” Scientific director of the CAES Foundation, José López-Miranda will intervene, as well as Andalusian writer Juan Eslava Galán, researcher at the Instituto de la Grasa, José María Castilian and journalist specialized in health, Ramón Sánchez Ocaña.

Finally, the director of the International Olive Council, Jean Louis Barjol, will close the meeting.

For further information, you can consult the program and register here.

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