Bulk Olive Oil

Bulk Olive Oil

All olive oils are best stored away from the sunlight, it is better to stored in a dark and cool place.
If transport and stored well your oil will keep for years.

Efficient transport for olive oil it is the best way to preserve taste, aroma and quality. Choose bulk olive oil it is a good idea.

It is possible to Import Olive Oil or Export olive oil any kind of bulk olive oil:

– Extra Virgin olive oil
– Virgin olive oil
– Lamp-ante olive oil
– Pomace Olive Oil

Container Olive Oil

The best and more practical storage container for olive oil is glass, but you should know some more things for container olive oil:

olive oil should be stored in a dark place and cool place, around 20ºc.
light and heat have a degenerative effect on olive oil.
packaging in dark bottles or opaque containers protects olive oil from UV rays and light.
refrigeration is not required to maintain freshness.
if the oil has thickened or solidified due to an excess of cold, simply place it in a suitable place for it to return to its normal state.
some types of oil last until 18 months.
Different materials for container olive oil:

Glass: dark glass or clear glass for preventing your olive oil. Better glass is dark.
Stainless steel: keep oxidation to minium
Plastic Bulk containers: perfect to shipping or storage.
You can also read Bulk olive oil and Bottle Olive Oil.

Bottle Olive Oil

Choose a good bottle olive oil it is very important to protect your olive oil.

Store it in opaque or tineted glass bottles to keep it away from light which deteriorates and oxidate it. Choose a good bottle oil keep olive oil fresh.

Before choosing the bottle think:

About the perfect size: 250 ml.,375 ml., 500 ml.
Bottle olive oil shape: it is important to know because you have to think about the label and the decoration
Bottle color: dark color better than clear glass. Dark colors: green, dark blue, black or amber
Bottle olive oil materials: crystal, glass, ceramic
Select toppers for the bottles

Information from oliveoiltop

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