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The BIOL Prize – For the best extra virgin olive oil from organic farming – was established by C.I.BI. – Italian Consortium for Organic Sector – in 1996 and is awarded annually on the basis of the judgment of an international panel. The best olive oils selected as winners of gold and silver medals are published in a guide available on the official website of the event which contains the sensory profile of each sample analyzed.

The Organizing Committee of BIOL Prize consists of the President or his delegate, the Responsible of samples and the coordinator of the International Jury. The Organizing Committee is supported by a Promoting Committee made up of representatives of the organizations that promote and support the event. The list is published annually on the official website of the event.

The prize is open to individual producers, olive-growing co-operatives and oil packers who practise organic farming methods according to the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) standards and/or national, EU and international rules in force.

The extra virgin olive oils admitted to the competition are only from organic farming properly tested and certified in accordance with the IFOAM standards and national, European and international standards. Olive Oils must comply with IOC legislation concerning the classification of olive oils, and come from a homogeneous lot of at least 500 liters of oil, obtained in the most recent olive oil campaign.

Candidates must fill in the application form in all its parts and the attached product description form by web ( and send samples before March 1 2015.

The awards consist of a plaque and an accrediting diploma. The winners companies will be entitled to mention this recognition in accordance with the correct information to the consumer. Mention may be made only on the packaging of the lot corresponding to the winning sample and other lots of the same quality tasted by Biol jury . The complete liste of winners will be published on the web site.

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