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More and more people are opting for organics when they go food shopping, but it’s not just at individual level and in terms of home consumption that organic products are increasing in importance. A third of the total revenue obtained from food today is generated by people eating outside of their own four walls. Organic quality has long been a strong image carrier that attracts new guests and delights regular customers. Whether they’re new to the organic market or already provide organic products, however, catering professionals will always have a multitude of questions and challenges to deal with. At cook + talk, the get-together for professional chefs, organic certification, regional organic cuisine, costing, school canteen catering, organic hospitality and many other topics will be discussed with experts.

In view of the many positive qualities attributed to organic olive oil, it makes sense to use this valuable organic product to an even greater extent in out-of-home catering than it has been until now. However, while traders concentrate directly on end customers, the out-of-home catering industry has to find other marketing strategies. Top chefs look for ideas and complementary ingredients for their creations, and managers of large enterprises or hospitals are interested in specific health benefits as well as taste aspects. If producers and traders recognize these needs as a starting point, they can use the benefits of organic olive oil to tap into new markets away from organic retail – and both small producers who supply speciality olive oils and large-scale producers who provide organic varieties for the mass market will profit from that.

It is what Biofach 2016 is focusing on. The trade fair will build a bridge between the olive oil World of Experience and out-of-home catering. With the help of partner and olive oil expert Richard Wolny, the World of Experience will once again be offering information and inspiration regarding everything connected organically produced olive oil. Besides the organic Olive Oil Award, the programme will include numerous presentations, discussions and talks.

The latest analysis methods for olive oil will be revealed in the olive oil World of Experience, as will some inspired food pairings. With regard to food pairing, it is believed that the easier it is to combine foods, the more chemical components they will have together. For example, white chocolateand caviar are particularly well suited to each other. Biofach will be presenting interesting combinations involving olive oil in the olive oil World of Experience – and all of them will be appropriate for restaurants and catering establishments as well as for home use.

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