BIOFACH Olive Oil Awards 2015 in Nuremberg (Germany)

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BIOFACH, the World’s leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, that took place in Nuremberg (Germany), in association with VIVANESS, brought together 2,146 exhibitors and more than 44.000 visitors from 136 countries, from 11 to 14 February 2015.

As both the annual exhibition highlight and the year’s first major event for the international organic industry, BIOFACH and VIVANESS included the participation of 2,348 exhibitors from Germany (630 exhibitors), Italy (297), Spain (117), France (114), the Netherlands (99) nd other countries. The main topic of this edition was “Organic 3.0 – good basic conditions for more organic food”.

BIOFACH devoted a separate area to vegan foods for the first time this year, the VEGAN World of Experience. The aim of this was for trade visitors to view the range of vegan products available and to really experience it. The world of experience was organised in conjunction with the German Vegetarian Association (VEBU) and featured not only prominent industry players, among them Björn Moschinski, who is the head chef at his own vegan restaurant, but also exhibitors with 151 of their products. The great response from exhibitors shows how popular this segment is at the moment: A total of 730 manufacturers displayed vegan products at BIOFACH 2015, a considerable increase compared to last year, when there were 542.

Chefs, gourmets and decision makers in the out-of-home catering industry visited hall 7 were the first cook + talk took place there this year. Organised in conjunction with the organic farming association Bioland, this get-together for professional chefs offered visitors the opportunity to engage in discussions with fellow specialists and sound information on restaurant cooking and out-of-home catering in the organic industry.

Other worlds of experience were dedicated to wine and the cultural asset of olive oil. Visitors could find everything to do with olive oil in hall 4. In addition to workshops, presentations and tasting sessions, the programme included the annual OLIVE OIL AWARDS, where the best oils were recognised.

Also this year the show Experience the World of olive oil was meeting place for producers on the one side and expert visitors on the other side. During three days, exhibitors had the chance to present their high-quality oil while visitors got the chance to taste it.

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