Applied Sensory Adds Certification Seal to Olive Oil Sensory Services

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Applied Sensory, LLC, a consulting company providing independent sensory evaluation services to the olive oil industry, is now offering EVOO certification seals as part of their extra virgin olive oil sensory services. The certification seal order form is now available for download on the Applied Sensory website. Olive oils submitted for either the Basic Sensory Evaluation or the Detailed Sensory Evaluation are eligible and must also be accompanied by a chemical analysis which indicates that the oil does not exceed the limits specified in recognized international standards.

In offering this service, Sue Langstaff, sensory scientist and owner of Applied Sensory, explains that clients have been asking for a certification seal. “Olive oil producers would like to confirm to their customers that their product is indeed, extra virgin olive oil. Additionally, olive oil importers and marketers can use this guarantee to market their products to consumers and distinguish their oils from others.” Langstaff points out that certification seals signify that the oil has been evaluated by an independent third-party organization and these seals will help guide the consumer in their quest for extra virgin olive oils.

Olive oil sensory analysis at Applied Sensory is conducted by the Applied Sensory Olive Oil Taste Panel (ASOOTP). This taste panel is comprised of scientifically trained and experienced olive oil judges and has been conducting sensory analysis of olive oil since it took over the UC Davis Olive Center’s taste panel and most of its membership in 2015. The ASOOTP participates in the Laboratory Proficiency Program through the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) and is the only commercial olive oil sensory panel in the US designated as “recognized” by this accrediting organization.

Panel leader, Sue Langstaff, holds a Master’s degree in Food Science specializing in Sensory Science from UC Davis. She is an instructor for the Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil Certificate Course conducted through the UC Davis Olive Center and is a professional judge at many international olive oil competitions. Sue is co-editor of the authoritative book Olive Oil Sensory Science, (Wiley/ Blackwell, 2014) and is the creator of The Defects Wheel for Olive Oil.

For more information, contact Applied Sensory ( at (707) 344-0254 or by e-mailing

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