'Anti-tumor' Sicilian oil, pasta at Expo Milano 2015

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Two scientific studies will be presented at Expo Milano 2015 showing that consumption of Sicilian durum wheat and olive oil help to ward off disease.

The studies were presented on Wednesday morning at the new oncology center at the Civico hospital.

The research activity was conducted by the Gian Pietro Ballatore consortium and the Agrarian and Forestry Sciences Department at the University of Palermo in collaboration with Palermo’s Civico hospital.

The Dieta Mediterranea e Salute (DIMESA) project made it possible to create a type of olive oil rich in polyphenols and bioactive compounds with antioxidant effects from certain Sicilian olive species selected by the Palermo university.

The Innovazione in Cerealicoltura in Sicilia (ICS) project focused on Sicilian durum wheat, creating a type of pasta with ”extremely low risk” of contamination from mold and cancer-causing toxins.

”These results show how valuable our product heritage is in the food sector,” said regional councilor for productive activities Linda Vancheri, noting that ”we want to continue investing in research and innovation” in the sector.


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