"Agourelio Chalkidikis" is the 28th Greek olive oil recognized as PDO product from EC

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The European Commission adopted on June 20, the application for listing of protected designations of origin (PDO) of the name “Agoureleo Chalkidiki”. The Agoureleo Halkidiki is an extra virgin olive oil, a product of indigenous varieties’ Chondrolia Chalkidiki “and” Chalkidiki “and the production zone covers the entire prefecture of Halkidiki.

To «Agourelaio Chalkidikis» added to the list of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), along with other high quality Greek products, such as feta cheese, the cheese, the mastic, wines and olive oils. It is the 28th oil that won this important European certification.

Olive oil is covered by the EU schemes to promote and protect names of quality agricultural products. These include the protected designation of origin (PDO) and the protected geographical indication (PGI). The PDO covers agricultural products and foodstuffs which are produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area using recognised knowhow.

The Union The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Chalkidiki requested the designation for their local product three years ago. The name «Agoureleo Chalkidikis» (Aγουρέλαιο Χαλκιδικής) is known for its low acidity and distinct, bright green color and pleasantly bitter characteristics.
The application was submitted to the European Commission in January 2009 and published in September 2012. In the coming days we will publish the registration of the name in the Official Journal of the European Union and will be added in this way the catalog of over 1,100 products already covered by EU legislation on the protection of geographical indications (PGI), designations of origin (PDOs) and traditional specialties guaranteed (TSG).

Organic raw olive oil of Chalkidiki. (PDO “Agourelaio of Chalkidiki” under E.U. approval). Superior category, extra virgin, cold pressed, most concentrated and nutritive oil. Fruity, full flavour of the authentic early stage organic olive oil, of green Chalkidiki olive. Double the amount of unripe olives is required for the production.

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