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Producer: Mueloliva
Brand: Venta del Barón
Origin: Spain
Blend of Two Cultivars: Hojiblanca Picuda

Produced by first press cold-extraction only, Venta del Baron is a refined, luxurious olive oil from picual and hojiblanca olives harvested exclusively from three nearby estates. After pressing, the oil is decanted for 15 days and then bottled in blown-glass bottles. Venta del Baron is characterized by an intense green olive aroma, with notes of grass and almonds. It has a lingering finish, with a nice balance of bitterness and spiciness. Savor this oil, don’t cook with it, but rather use it to finish dishes.

Variety of olive:
Hojiblanca and Picudo D.O.P. Priego de Córdoba.
Producer: Almazara de Muela, S.L.Priego (Córdoba)

Tasting Notes of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Intense fruity of green olive with herbaceous notes, mint, almond shells, banana and apple. Reminiscent of vegetables such as tomatoes and artichokes. The entry on the palate is sweet, slightly bitter and spicy in progress. The aftertaste is nutty. Very complex, balanced and harmonious in all olfactory-gustatory attributes.


Note: All data is provided by the mill of origin.

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