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The International Olive Oil Council worked from some months to lower the limits of the main chemical parameters. Similarly Turkey, on the occasion of the recent summit in Madrid, has proposed a simplification of the commercial categories.

In Italy the project of the High Quality is still at stake also if a lot of parameters would be more stringent than those set by the same Californians.

Old Europe prepared the work, but at last mile California wants to win the match.

What could change if the California Olive Oil Olive Oil Commission’s proposal will be implemented?

Legibility and simplification of labeling: ‘”olive oil” would be replaced with the term of “refined olive oil” and specified that it is a blend of refined olive oil and extra virgin. Abandoned also the definition of lamp oil, in favor of a “crude olive oil”, not for direct human consumption. Deleted the definitions “pure” and “light” that have done so much debate in recent years.

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