7th Eleotechnia 2015 Olive Oil & Olive exhibition in Greece

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And this year, 7th Eleotechnia 2015 Olive Oil and Olive exhibition will be held in Greece, Athens from 15 to 17 May. Will be assembles crowd private or cooperative enterprises producing olive oil, olive oil producers, retailers, distributors, retailers, importers-exporters and end users who want to learn as much as possible about the “liquid gold”, as Homer spoke and the “best medicine”, as Hippocrates spoke.

Simultaneously in the same exhibition center will be held olive oil competitions.

  • 7th ARISTION Quality awards of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 7th ARISTION Packaging awards of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The seventh edition of the Aristion Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality and Aristion Olive Oil Packaging Design Awards will recognize quality and packaging design. With this name, of Greek origin, the Award refers to the Olympic Gold to emphasize that the winners are the best EVOOs of the world. Those who wish to apply for the Awards may do so until next April 27th.

The jury composed of a committee of eight experts led by Effie Christopolous and Maria Lazaraki, international olive oil tasters recognized by the International Olive Council (IOC).

Candidates who wish to apply to Aristion Exra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Award should send a product sample consisting of four glass bottles or cans of 500 ml. sealed and labeled.

Likewise, those who aspire to Aristion Olive Oil Packaging Design Award should send two glass bottles or cans of 500ml. sealed and labeled; and three copies or three images of label design taken from different angles.

Meeting point in the olive sector
Like every year, this edition of Elecotechnia, organized by Compass Expo Limited will be held in Greece, third largest producer of olive oil in the world. This event will bring some of the most important companies of the olive sector, cooperatives, retailers, distributors, importers, exporters and consumers who want to know more about EVOO.

Besides the two competitions during the fair other activities such as meetings or presentations of companies with the aim of bringing together all those involved in the production and sale of olive oil will take place, as well of the introduction to new products, promotion of new business relations…

To do this, the exhibition gives attendees the opportunity to showcase their new releases and see other companies, bringing together supply and demand for products and services sector; and allows them to learn about the latest innovations in mechanical equipment, packaging materials, laboratories, etc.

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