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Beja in Portugal, will host the 6th International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition – Ovibeja Award 2016, April 21 – 25.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils presented by individual producers, producers associations, cooperatives and packers can participate in the competition.

1.1 – Will only be accepted in the competition Extra Virgin Olive Oils belonging to the 2015/2016 producing campaign and that meet the requirements of quality and authenticity established by Regulation (EEC) No 2568/91 and its amendments.
1.2 – The extra olive oils in the competition must come from a homogeneous batch of, at least, 3000 liters, stored in a single deposit.
1.3 – Each participant can only submit one Extra Virgin Olive Oil in each category (Intense Greenly Fruity, Medium Greenly Fruity, Mild Greenly Fruity and Ripely Fruity)

2.1 – Each competitor must fill in all the Registration Form (Appendix I)
2.2 – Each competitor is responsible for the sampling, and the sampling will be certified by an official declaration of a suitable legal figure (Certification Company, association of producers, notary or equivalent). The model statement is in Appendix II
2.3 – Representative samples of the batch in competition should be collected and presented in the following amounts: 5 samples of 500ml and 2 samples of 100ml.
Samples should be collected in dark glass containers, provided with an opening system that loses its integrity after the first use.

Each sample collected must be closed and shall bear a label showing a code number (digits and letters) to identify the participant, assigned by the entity that does the official statement mentioned in section 2.2.

2.4 – A 100 ml sample should be sent to a certified laboratory to perform a chemical analysis (the following parameters, at least, should be analyzed: free acidity, peroxide value, K232, K270, ∆K, stigmastadiene and sterols)

2.5 – A 500 ml sample should be sent to an olive oil tasting panel recognized by the IOOC to carry out organoleptic assessment according to the Regulation (EEC) No 2568/91 and its amendments, issue a certificate with the corresponding classification of the olive oils, as well as the median of the intensity and type of the fruity attribute.

2.6 – To send to the secretariat of the competition:
– Registration Form (Appendix I)
– Official Statement of the collection of samples (Appendix II)
– Technical Sheet (Appendix III)
– Testing certificate and sensory analysis certificate, specifying the category for which the olive
oil is entered
– Three (3) samples of 500 ml

2.7 – Competitors should retain the fifth sample of 500 ml and the second sample of 100 ml to cover for any loss or damage during transportation.

3.1 – The olive oils received will be classified according to type (green or ripe) and intensity of the fruity, in the following categories:
a) Greenly fruity divided into the following categories: Intense fruitiness…………..m > 6
Medium fruitiness……….3 ≤ m ≤ 6 Mild fruitiness …………….< 3 b) Ripely fruity 3.2 – The olive oils will be evaluated by an international jury, whose composition will shortly be published by the organization. 3.3 – The meeting of the jury will take place in Beja, Portugal, in date and place to be determined by the organization. 3.4 – Within each category, the six olive oils with higher scores will get the following prizes: GOLD Medal – highest scoring olive oil SILVER Medal – second highest scoring olive oil BRONZE Medal – third highest scoring olive oil HONOR MENTIONS – fourth, fifth and sixth highest scoring olive oils 3.5 – The minimum score for entitlement to a prize shall be 70 for the intense and medium green fruitiness categories, 65 for the mild green fruitiness category and 60 for the ripe fruitiness category. 3.6- All awarded olive oil will be chemically analyzed according to Reg. (CEE) no 2568/91 and its amendments to confirm the authenticity and quality requirements. 3.7 – In the case of tie the olive oil with lowest free acidity shall be chosen. If the tie persists, the olive oil with the lowest peroxide value shall be chosen. 3.8 – The decision of the jury shall be final and shall not be open to appeal.4 – CLOSING DATE FOR REGISTRATION
The period open for registration and the presentation of samples shall end on 26th February 2016.

The awards ceremony will take place during Ovibeja, date and place to disclose at the time by the Organization.

Participation in the 6th International Competition of Extra Virgin Olive implies acceptance the present rules.

7 – FEE
This competition is FREE OF ANY CHARGE.

“6th International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition – Ovibeja Award 2016”
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