6° Edition Olive Oil Sommelier Tuscan Food & Wine Experience

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An intense and exciting experience in the olive oil field for food lovers, gourmets, food enthusiasts and professionals who want a deeper knowledge of the whole production and commercial process of olive oil – “from the earth to the table”, with “hands-on” in the heart of Tuscany, between olive groves and oil mills in production, with oil tasting from around the world, but also of the new Tuscan oil product just in front of you.img02_2

Not just a course but a memorable experience with well balanced theory and practical segments that provide participants with the right skills and knowledge to be able to recognize, use and communicate the rational use of olive oil in the kitchen and on the table through the harmonization of olive oil and food pairing.olive-oil-sommelier-tuscan

This knowledge will help turn costs into profits for retail, restaurants and also consumers.img09_1

Other opportunities open to course participants is to become an olive oil expert and taster, to be part of an official tasting panel or to be part of jury in various international olive oil competitions.6 edition-olive-oil-sommelier-tuscan-food-wine-experience

At course completion, participants will have acquired skills and certification (Sensory Aptitude Certificate) entitling them to join the International Register of “Olive Oil Experts”.

A course created and organized by the Olive Oil Academy.

A Master on EVOO for Olive Oil Lovers & Experts
26th – 30th october 2015
Bagno Vignoni – Val d’Orcia (Siena) – Tuscany – Italy

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