5 Olives a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

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Results: “A significant increase in HDL and the ratio of total LDL cholesterol, and significant reductions in total cholesterol HDL and LDL/HDL in 95% statistical correlation were observed.”

“In conclusion, daily consumption of these Kalamata type olives can positively influence the lipid profile and may contribute to reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease.”

The average content of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol generally in olives produced in Greece and which have been analysed at the University of Athens is as follows: 244mg per kg of hydroxytyrosol and 134 mg per kg of tyrosol. The secret to the health benefits of EVOO and olives is the same; it all depends on the type and amount of phenolic compounds they contain, which in turn are contingent on the variety and method of production.

Why is the study of one Greek producer’s olives good news for you? It’s this: Many producers are following this and other research and adjusting production methods to optimise the healthy compounds in their products. It shows the emerging trend for conscientious food producers to choose quality over quantity and to serve the growing demand of health conscious and informed individuals who want to know where they can find these functional foods. As we all know, economics is based on supply and demand. When demand shouts, supply will answer and farms like Sakellaropoulos Estates will multiply and respond with increased distribution around the world. And that’s very good news.


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