43rd meeting of the IOC Advisory Committee in Croatia

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The issue of flavoured extra virgin olive oils and infused olive oils was also on the agenda. After lengthy discussion, the committee decided to recommend the IOC to remind its membership of the terms of the IOC trade standard, which it is mandatory for IOC Members to apply in their international trade.

According to the standard, extra virgin olive oil is the juice of the olive and nothing else. Olive oil is defined solely as the blend of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil without the addition of any other product.

Committee representatives also had the opportunity to discuss proposed changes (new or revised methods of analysis, parameters or limits) in IOC standards. In a drive for greater transparency, the IOC recently approved a procedure for publicising such proposed changes and inviting feedback from industry and science before final approval.

In the opinion of the committee, it is essential to persuade all the non-IOC countries involved in the olive oil trade, especially importer countries, to adopt IOC standards in their legislation.

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