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    35 Greek Olive Oils earned a coveted spot as ‘one of the world’s best’ at NYIOOC 2015

    For centuries, Greek extra virgin olive oil has been used by producers in other countries to enhance their blends. Now, in the midst of a financial crisis, Greek olive oil producers are determined to take their rightful place on the world stage by distinguishing their brands and promoting the distinctive flavors and unique profiles of Greek olive oils.

    On April 15, 2015 the results of the world’s largest and most prestigious olive oil competition were revealed in New York, where nearly 700 olive oil from 25 countries were evaluated by an international jury of experts.

    Below are 35 Greek Olive Oils earned a coveted spot as ‘one of the world’s best’ at this year’s New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). The judges awarded for 19 of them, Gold Award status and for 16 of them, Silver Award status.

    The New York International Olive Oil Competition is the largest, and most publicized olive oil quality competition in the world.

    Congratulations to the Winners!

    Here are the best Greek extra virgin olive oils for 2015:

    NYIOOC gold award39-22 (Koroneiki) By Great Stories / Greece
    The 39-22 brand marks the coordinates of the exciting Greek foodscape. It can also be seen as an opportunity to present you the different varieties of our premium monovarietal extra virgin olive oil. One of these is Koroneiki. Taste it with all of your senses and explore the value of your choice. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardAcaia By Hellenic Agricultural Enterprises / Greece
    Acaia is a new brand of high quality olive oil, made of the Kolovi olive variety, and produced in the southern part of the island of Lesvos in Greece. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardArhetipon By Eleokomia ltd / Greece. Arhetipon olive oil of ultra premium quality from Messenia, Greece. It is a single-varietal olive oil (100% Koroneiki variety) with medium fruity, medium bitter and medium pungent flavour and freshly cut grass, green apple and citrus fruit notes aroma. During the process of packing, it has maximum acidity of 0,3%. Available in 500 ml e 16.9 fl.oz./ 3 lt e 101,4 fl.oz. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardBiosphere By NOOS TRADE / Greece
    Biosphere is organically produced by the first unripe olives, only from the few and finest especially selected olive trees, and harvested by hand in mid-October. Significant characteristics and high nutritional properties give shape to the strong personality of this unique green olive oil. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardCharisma By Vassilakis Emm. S.A.- VASSILAKIS ESTATE / Greece
    Nature of Crete and 150 years of olive-growing expertise are combined to produce consistently superior extra virgin olive oils. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardDivine. Mount Olympus By Nature Blessed / Greece
    Divine makes us really proud with its extremely low acidity, the richness of its taste and an aftertaste you can never forget. We hand pick the olives from the Pierian Mountains, the backyard of the Olympian Gods, and gently crush them within hours of picking them, to ensure a premium extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardDoleon By Natures Icons / Greece
    Doleon extra virgin olive oil is made from our family’s olive trees which are situated near the scenic village of Doloi in the Kalamata region of the Southern Greece. Some of the finest olive oils remain a well-kept secret between the producer’s families and friends. We are not content with a good olive oil. We strive for the utmost superiority in quality for our olive oil. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardEirini Plomariou By Konstantina Kalampoka / Greece
    Eirini plomariou is a monocultivar unfiltered organic olive oil which is harvested by hand on the highlands of Plomari. Fresh grass, bitter almond and wild artichoke are the unique aromas.
    View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardEleon By MNF – Mediterranean Natural Foods S.A. / Greece
    Greek extra virgin olive oil cold extracted. Superior class olive oil extracted directly from hand-picked olives and exclusively by mechanical means. Acidity 0,18%.
    View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardEstate Agrilia By Estate Agrilia / Greece.
    Agrilia is a brand of organic extra virgin olive oil derived from hand-picked, organically grown olives of the ‘Koroneiki’ variety that are carefully processed to ensure that the oil they produce is of the highest quality. Family-owned grove is situated on Antiparos, a small picturesque island in the heart of the Aegean Sea. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardEsti Kalamata PDO By Lelia Foods SA / Greece. A premium extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), produced exclusively from Koroneiki variety of olives from Kalamata region. This superb olive oil, boasts unprecedented organoleptic characteristics with distinctive aroma of freshly-cut olives. Its production is limited and all bottles are numbered. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardGaea Fresh By Gaea North America LLC / Greece
    To maintain “freshness” we have replaced oxygen in all tanks with nitrogen, thus stopped olive oil oxidation. Nitrogen is also being added to the head space of the stylish tin, where we “bottle” our exceptional Gaea. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardKaldi Organic By Kaldi / Greece
    Kaldi organic extra virgin olive oil is made from rare Adramytiani and Kolovi olives grown and harvested on the island of Lesvos, Greece. The organic olives produce a light, fruity tasting olive oil that is low in chlorophyll and free fatty acids. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardKavourorachi By Kavourorachi / Greece. This organic extra virgin olive oil comes only from organically managed, single-variety ‘Koroneiki’ olive orchard. The oil is intensely peppery with apple and almond nuances. The mixture of centuries old and younger olive trees grow on deep, fertile loess and partially on hard, porous, rocky soil (tragana). The ancient name (“crab slope”) finds its origin in the presence of crabs on the southwestern flanks of the Messinian Gulf. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardLaconiko By Our Family’S Olive Oil Llc / Greece
    Perfected over four generations, our single estate handpicked koroneiki olives are picked in Trinisa, Laconia, off the sandy beaches of the southern Peloponnese. This unique microclimate gives our olive oil its unique flavor and rich aroma. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardLadolea By Melissi & co / Greece
    Melissi & Co produces and distributes, in unique handmade ceramic pots, superior quality monovarietal extra virgin olive oils, Ladolea from the region of Corinthia, in Northern Peloponnese.
    View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardLIA By LIÁ Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our Messenian roots, family roots and tree roots are what we have learned to love and appreciate. This is what made us produce “LIA.” Our trees belong to Koroneiki variety and produce olive oil of excellent quality whose special features comprise a combination of a fruity, bitter and pungent taste and flavour apart from its exceptionally low acidity. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardMakaria Terra By Makaria Terra. We are a family-run business based in Skala Messinia, Greece. Our foremost aim is absolute and uncompromised quality throughout the entire process, from cultivation all the way to harvesting, olive oil extraction, storage and bottling. Our oil is produced exclusively from our own olive grove of Koroneiki variety trees which are native to the area. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardMani Blauel By Friedrich Bläuel & Co Ltd / Greece
    The Mani Bläuel organic brand stands for absolute quality, sustainable production methods and fair trade standards implemented in every aspect of business. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardMelissinos Estate By Melissinos Estate / Greece
    Our premium extra virgin olive oil comes from a family owned estate in Greece where the organically grown olives are hand picked and selected with exceptional care to produce the purest and highest quality product. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardMythocia Bio Olympia By Papadopoulos Olive Oil / Greece
    A Medium Koroneiki from Greece Early harvested from our own selected organic PGI groves in Ancient Olympia close to our own mill and grown in a Mediterranean climate world-renowned for its delicate and fertile soil, Mythocia Bio Olympia PGI EVOO has a high nutritional quality and exquisite aroma. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardNavarino Icons By Greka Icons S.A. / Greece
    Produced without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, using time-honored organic methods. Made from Koroneiki variety olives, sustainably grown in centuries old groves, carefully gathered by hand without mechanical means, these organic olives are taken to a nearby mill within a few hours from picking to preserve all the valuable components and guarantee the lowest olive oil acidity level. The olives are immediately cold processed and malaxed less than 20 minutes to maintain their lovely fruity and spicy flavor and distinctive aroma. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardOleajuice (Medium Well – Tender) By MFSA-Olea Groves / Greece
    100% Extra virgin olive oil of superior quality obtained from handpicked and sorted olives only, cold extracted without the pits solely by mechanical means. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardOleum Crete By Kydonakis Bros G.P. / The Greek, extra virgin olive oil Oleum Crete comes from the Messara valley in southern Crete It is one of the top quality olive oils with very fine flavour, acidity that does not exceed 0.3% Oleum Crete is an oil with intense fruity flavour and a perfume that makes it unique and special. Variety: 100% Koroneiki Pressing conditions: cold extraction, malaxation temperature up to 27 °C, malaxation time up to 40 minutes. Colour: Golden green Flavour: Fruity. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardOlive Mill Kyklopas By Kyklopas Olive Mill Kelidis Argyris S.A. / Greece. Aromas of green fruit, green grass, exotic fruits and notes of banana, almond, vanilla. Taste exhibits medium fruitiness, green grass, sweetness, light pungency and notes of fruity green, green pepper, tomato, with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and a high persistence. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardOlive Myth – Organic By G3 Foods – Greek Golden Groves / Greece
    Extra virgin olive oil “Olive Myth Organic” starts from the organic cultivation of several specially chosen olive groves of Lakonia utilising environmentally-friendly techniques which replenish and maintain soil fertility. Without any fertilizers or chemicals, just making the best of whatever beautiful, strong and healthy goodness the sun, the breeze of the Aegean and the uniquely fertile soil of the Lakonian land have to offer, is a unique combination of strong flavors, velvety texture and a unique aroma of freshly-cut fruit. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardPaniperi By Paniperi Olive oil / Greece
    Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oil. Acidity 0.2%(during production) – K270=0.09 – K232=1.3. Cold-pressed ultra premium extra virgin olive oil from the finest selection of olives picked by hand at Πaniperi area of Greece. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardPelion Olive Farms By Vasileios Frantzolas / Greece
    Organic olive oil made from green olives of Amfissis variety in Pelion area of Central Greece, carefully collected in October 2014, characterized by complex strong aromas, medium bitterness and pungency. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardPersephone’s Table Conventional By Persephone’s Table / Greece
    Persephone’s Table is a family cooperative in Megara, Greece. The olives come from family trees overlooking the sea in the Kinetta region of the Megarian plateau. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardPhilippos Delicate By Philippos Hellenic Goods / Greece. This delicate EVOO possesses a medium to intense fruity flavour, a delicate sensation coming from the well-balanced freshness, a hint of pungency and slight bitterness reflecting the natural characteristics of the early maturity stage of the olives, obtained the moment the olives turn colour. The pleasant freshly cut grass scent, the aroma of spring leaves and apple aftertaste is characteristic of Philippos Delicate. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardPJ KABOS By PJ Kabos / Greece
    PJ KABOS is a privately-owned label exclusively producing, award winning, Greek extra virgin olive oil. The source of this oil is the ‘Koroneiki’ variety of olive. The groves are located on the western side of the Peloponnese, not far from the site of Ancient Olympia. View Website

    NYIOOC silver awardPremium Greek Indeed By Discover Greek Nutritional Treasures Co. Aromas of green fruit, green leaves, olive leaf and notes of olive leaf. Taste exhibits medium fruitiness, green grass, some sweetness, bitterness, medium pungency and notes of olive leaf, with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and a high persistence.
    View Website

    SNYIOOC silver awardparta Groves By Sparta Groves PCC / Greece
    Aromas of green fruit, green grass, tomato and notes of green almond. Taste exhibits medium fruitiness, green grass, some sweetness, some bitterness, light pungency and notes of artichoke, with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and a high persistence. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardTsounati By kardiafood / Greece
    The Diva of all olives, 100% Tsounati. Aroma: medium fruity, smells like freshly cut grass, green and unripe nutshell, herbs, artichokes. Taste: complex harmonic, slightly bitter, with some intense focus, elegant and durable. View Website

    NYIOOC gold awardZiro Eleolado Sitias By Beis Vasilis / Greece. The Proestaki family is engaged in producing EVOO obtained exclusively from Koroneiki variety olives. A craft that passes from generation to generation with this philosophy. Our olive trees are located in mountainous areas of eastern Crete in the village Ziros Sitia, an area with protected designation of origin P.D.O. Sitia Lasithiou Kritis. View Website

    For the complete list of the winners, visit the official results website, www.bestoliveoils.com

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    For centuries, Greek extra virgin olive oil has been used by producers in other countries to enhance their blends. Now, in the midst of a financial crisis, Greek olive oil producers are determined to take their rightful place on the world stage by distinguishing their brands... 
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