2013 IEOE China (Beijing) International Edible Oil Industry Expo Prices

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IEOE Expo Overview:
As the most famous Edible Oil Industry Expo in China, the 4th IEOE Expo enjoys reputation from home and abroad. Numbers of well-known enterprises have chosen IEOE Expo as an annual publicity program of great importance, establishing a long-term partnership with IEOE Expo. Years of experience has made IEOE Expo the largest edible oil industry expo in China even in the Asia, as well as a highlight of the industry. At present the organizing committee are working hard to build the top and quality expo for the better tomorrow of the industry.

IEOE Organizer:
Directed and organized by Oil & Fat Sub-council of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, IEOE Expo is an annual significant event of the industry, which guarantees its authority.

Exhibit scope:
Olive oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, walnut oil, camellia oil, and other kinds of edible oil.

Booth Price:
International standard booth (3m x 3m)9㎡: $3,800
Deluxe booth(3m x 3m) 9㎡: $4,800
Space only (36㎡ or more) : $380 / ㎡

Date: October 29-31, 2013
Venue: Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center, China

2013 IEOE Advantages and features:
Professionalism: with its principle to build the largest and the most professional edible oil industry in China, IEOE Expo enjoys high prestige and influence in Chinese edible oil industry.
Authority: the 1st IEOE Expo was directed and organized by Oil & Fat Sub-council of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association. Now together with Chinese Nutrition Society, China Public Union of Nutrition and Marketing Technology Sub-council of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association, IEOE Expo will definitely reach a new level—become the top expo in edible oil industry of China.
Brands: in order to build an international edible oil expo, numbers of leading enterprises of the industry had supported it by attending the 1st IEOE Expo, such as Cofco, Yihai Kerry, China Grain Reserves Corporation, Luhua Group, Sanxing Group, Xi Wang Group, etc. With a long-term partnership with many brand enterprises, IEOE will establish an international brand image in the future.

Our professional service covers booth booking; advertisement; award review; hotel booking; transportation; translation; exhibition appliance(except for basic facilities) renting; space design, construction, and installment; valet publicity; venue comprehensive service; business parties service; cooperation and exchange service; industry forum service; market guidance service; post-expo service; etc.

for immediately contact with organizing committee send at kunxiaozl.amelia@gmail.com the information below:

Company name
Contact & Duty
Standard booth (3m×3m): ________ piece(s)
Deluxe booth (3m×3m): ________ piece(s)
Space only( 36m²or more): ________ piece(s)

Contact us:
Secretariat of IEOE organizing committee:
Yonghong Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
International Department business manager
Tel: +86-21-61107260
Fax: +86-21-61294683
Mobile: +86-18702180087
Official website: www.cnoil.com.cn

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