103rd session of the IOC Council of Members

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The Council of Members met at IOC headquarters in Madrid in the last week of November for their 103rd session. During the session, the Economic Committee held its 16th meeting to discuss the olive oil and table olive figures presented in the balances for 2013/14 (final), 2014/15 (provisional) and 2015/16 (estimated). The approved balances for the three crop years can be viewed here.

Other items on the committee agenda included producer prices and world market trends as well as the study on olive oil production costs in IOC member countries, which received the green light for publication.

This is the first international of this kind to calculate the per-kilo cost of producing olive oil in the IOC member countries. This information is meant to help olive growers to identify the technical stages where they are less competitive than farmers elsewhere and to encourage them to apply strategies to improve their position.

The study is divided into five sections, beginning with the Introduction, Methodology and Diagnosis, and ending with the Conclusions and Recommendations which analyse and interpret the findings. See full study

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